We'd like to commemorate a time when traveling was about the journey, more welcoming.  We'd like to conjure the feelings of adventure.  When you're at Fairlane, you are reminded that all of world is at your fingertips form the coast and the gorge to the high dessert, Crater Lake and the roads beyond.

      Fairlane is a derivative of Fair Lane, the estate where Henry & Clara Ford resided in Michigan.  Thanks to the Fords, all humankind has been able to choose their own journey.  We procure only the highest quality fair trade coffee that has been sourced from farms all around the globe and exchanged through hundreds of hands and thousands of miles.  Whether you are on your daily commute, gearing up for your next back country adventure, or taking a long road trip to infuse liesure time in your life, we make it our goal to give you access to high quality coffee to start your journey right.


            Fairlane seeks to be a destination coffee shop, also serving the local Sellwood-Moreland community and surrounding neighborhoods.  We aim to offer the exceptional coffee and pastries while providing consistent positive customer service, all in a comfortable space.  The cafe serves as a place where the staff highlights retail coffee from various organizations that elevate the environment, people, as well as other important issues that matter to the sustainability of our world.

              Our Values