Our Story

Alex & Alex Assaf form the couple behind Fairlane Coffee, transforming it into a space focused on sourcing Fair Trade Coffee, creating a Fair & Progressive Workplace for our employees, and implementing Fair & Sustainable Practices.

Fairlane Coffee is more than a specialty coffee shop. We are a dedicated group of individuals focused on outstanding quality and sustainability to deliver an elevated experience. As an exclusive West Coast Onyx Coffee distributor, we bring the best tasting and ethically sourced beans to the NW. Through strong partnerships with local sustainable producers, our menu features the freshest ingredients that inspire creative and delicious dishes. Lastly, our nature inspired space is designed for the community to gather, share, and dream. You’re all welcome here.


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Meet the Team
  • Sam Peters is Fairlane Coffee's barista & Food Program Development
    Meet Sam!
    Fairlane owes a lot of it's current atmosphere to Sam. He helped develop it! This New Zealander is our heart & soul. Find photos of his adventures on our walls!
  • Alexander Assaf, owner Fairlane Coffee, Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) coffee shop, Portland, Oregon Sellwood Westmoreland neighborhood
    Meet Alexander!
    Alex is one of the owners. Coffee was destiny for this Louisianan. From an early age, his grandfather, who emigrated from Honduras, would pull him shots with a twist of lemon.
  • Alexandra Assaf, owner Fairlane Coffee, Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) coffee shop, Portland, Oregon Sellwood Westmoreland neighborhood
    Meet Alex!
    Our resident queen of caffeine & the woman behind Fairlane! When she's not @Fairlane, she's hiking or studying Marine Biology.
  • Aleda Elkins is Fairlane Coffee's barista
    Meet Aleda!
    Aleda adds a lovely creative side to Fairlane. Noticed the really nice handwriting and pictures? It's all her!
  • Alejandro (Alex) Perez is Fairlane Coffee's Manager and barista
    Meet Alejandro!
    Alejandro is Fairlane's manager & Oregon native. He ensures you are happy & caffeinated!
  • Michael Wynn is Fairlane Coffee's roaster and barista
    Meet Michael!
    Michael is Fairlane's coffee roaster. He is from Texas where he worked for a number of cafes, most recently Cultivar.
  • Lou Layman is Fairlane Coffee's trainer and barista
    Meet Lou!
    Lou is Fairlane's trainer. She's a Nashville native and loves her dog, Roscoe!
  • Eli Natarajan is Fairlane Coffee's Marketing lead and barista
    Meet Eli!
    Eli is Fairlane's marketing genius, talented photographer, and biggest beard. Find him here on Sunday's!