sourdough or GF buckwheat
peanut butter + banana
(v) crunchy peanut butter, banana, crumbled granola and flake salt
proscuitto + apricot
imported prosciutto di parma, apricot jam, mozzarella
avocado 8
smashed avocado, dairy or vegan butter, sea salt
avo + hummus 10
(v) avocado, hummus, za'atar, seeds, pink sauerkraut, +salmon $5
avo + chevre 11
avocado, chèvre, house pickled beetroot, cashew dukkah, chilli flakes, +proscuitto $3
emory's garden 9
(v) avocado, flake salt, microgreens, flowers, lemon wedge
more food



bolo + ham sandwich
jen's bolo, black forest ham, mozzarella, dijon mustard, microgreens
granola + yogurt 7
house made granola, yogurt or milk, fresh banana, with coconut & almonds
No charge for vegan or gluten free substitutions!
_________________ _______
add or sub
gluten free bread free
vegan butter free
proscuitto 3
avocado 3
hummus 1

latte 5
double espresso, steamed milk, 12 ounces
cappuccino 4.5
double espresso, steamed milk, slightly thicker texture, 6 ounces
cortado 4.25
equal parts milk and espresso, 4 ounces
macchiato 4
double espresso, dollop of steamed milk, 3 ounces
espresso 3.5
double espresso
(12oz unless specified)
drip 3.5
iced coffee 3.5
pour over 5.5
mocha 5.75
matcha 5.5
chai 5
hot cocoa 4.5
flavors milk
house made vanilla oat
mocha syrup coconut
raw sugar simple syrup cow

Aesthete Teas:


‘english breakfast’ organic assam black tea from Dibrugarh: Assam, India
milk oolong
oolong tea from Nantou, Taiwan with natural smooth flavors
summer nights
organic hibiscus, organic rosehips, organic lemongrass, organic cinnamon, organic orange peel, organic licorice
herbal chai
organic Rooibos, organic vanilla bean, organic ginger, organic cardamom, organic cloves, organic peppercorns
golden milk
oganic turmeric, organic ginger, organic peppercorns, organic coconut flakes
green + mint
organic Mao Feng green tea, organic peppermint leaves
hot or iced $4